World cup podcast “russian bread”: cheer yes – but please not like that!

Two DFB members overshoot the mark in Germany’s victory, Fifa investigates after the Swiss make a critical gesture. Episode 11 of our podcast.

"Russian Bread" – the World Cup podcast by taz and Illustration: Nadine Fischer

What a game: Germany wins against Sweden and thus has prevented the preliminary round exit for the time being. The reigning world champions are having a hard time with their group opponents this year. Accordingly, it is Sweden’s Ola Toivonen who scores the first goal. And despite 70 percent possession, the German national team just can’t get the thing in.

"I was surprised how weak the Germans were in this important game," comments taz editor Jurn Kruse. But Marco Reus deservedly scored the equalizer in the 48th minute. Then, in the 95th minute, Toni Kroos scores the equalizer. When the goalkeeper makes it 2:1 with a free kick in the second minute, everyone on the substitutes’ bench, in the stands, and at home in front of the TV sets goes wild, and rightly so. There was cheering and hugging. But two DFB members overshoot the mark. They gestured with clenched fists in the direction of the Swedish bench – that’s gloating, not joy. Fifa is investigating.

"I can understand that something builds up over the second half," says Kruse. "But the fact that you then run to the other bench and gloat like that, that’s just indecent."

But the DFB members aren’t the only ones behaving inappropriately this weekend: Switzerland’s Granit Xhaka and Xherdan Shaquiri gesture a double eagle, the heraldic animal of the Albanian flag, after their goals against Serbia (2-1). Critical because Serbia does not recognize Kosovo. A provocation.

taz editor Jurn Kruse spoke with host Barbara Butscher about the German team’s victory, questionable celebrations and the classic nine. Andreas Ruttenauer, Russia correspondent of the taz, tells in the current diary entry about a meeting with an old acquaintance in Samara and first and second class customers in Russia.

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