Column the war reporter: don’t pee right away!

Ex-"Zeit" editor Theo Sommer is pretty far removed from the present. And the Saxony police union awards a media prize.

How time flies … Photo: dpa

Hello taz media editorial team!

If you want to achieve something, you have to be open to new ideas! Publishers can learn something from the Offen(!)bach public library. They are sending out a "reading dog" to take away children’s fear of reading aloud. This could be a model for winning back readers for oldschool products like newspapers. Whether such a barking animal takes away the children’s inhibitions by the fact that there are now already two who can’t read, I didn’t quite understand, but never mind.

Only for the time it could become difficult with their hammer edition. She might have to switch to rabbits. Or, if the dogs become scarce, send Theo Sommer off. It’s not so bad if he can’t find his way back.

The ex-editor, who is no longer quite so presentable because of tax fraud, gave an interview in the 70th anniversary issue of the paper that impressively demonstrates his distance from the present. And he didn’t miss the opportunity to belt out a "My God, girl!" to his 33-year-old interlocutor, head of the Hamburg section. By which he can at best still hope for a place at the stove in the "Bruderle" shelter. It was his achievement to out himself as Zeit-Geist; it was Charlotte Parnack’s to parry Grusel-Theo with a pleasing rumpus.

A big "Hooray!" goes to the Berlin colleagues of Zeit Online, who ignored the request of Hamburg’s high earners not to disturb the nice birthday party last Saturday with their annoying demands for equal pay (like the print colleagues) and thus won themselves many a little attention from the aged Hanseatic public. That’s the way to do it! Do not always immediately buckle! Not always immediately at the smallest "Boo!" get scared and make wee-wee!

Arson instead of assistance

Last week, CDU member of parliament Philipp Lengsfeld demanded that Bild stop its "Refugees welcome" campaign. Which is funny in that the Springer organ can be blamed for intellectual arson rather than outstanding aid.

For example, the "journalist" Sten Hornig wrote in Bild Dresden in September 2014 that paramedics who were called to the refugee home would wear protective vests "for fear of attacks in the asylum hotel". He had placed quotes in such a way that one must assume there is a connection between asylum seekers and protective vests. A circumstance, which was already denied one day after appearance of the article by the circle managing director of the DRK Bautzen in the media.

Bild received a censure from the German Press Council for this article, but Sten Hornig was honored by the German Police Union of Saxony for his "outstanding journalistic achievements" with the "Media Prize of the DPolG Saxony". The honor took place during the Police Ball, at which "Tatort" actors Axel Milberg and Sibel Kekilli were named "Honorary Commissioners of the Saxon Police of the Free State of Saxony".

I am not quite sure which behavior is the right one in view of a police force that brutally acted against the refugees threatened by the mob in Clausnitz and also charged them with "provocation". Returning the honor is probably the least we can do. By the way, the police ball took place in Dresden’s "Ballhaus Watzke". There is not only the traditional and visited by right-wing fraternities "Akademikerball", but there also met the AfD.

Yes, there finds itself, what belongs together. And so back to Berlin!