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Study on plastics in care products: good plastic, bad plastic

The Federal Environment Agency accuses Greenpeace of a lack of differentiation in its survey. It is about microplastics in cosmetics.

Every year, 500 tons of microplastics from cosmetics enter the sea Photo: dpa

Whoever throws plastic waste into the water pollutes the environment, that is clear. Anyone who washes their hands with soap – perhaps too. Many cosmetics and personal care products contain microplastics – tiny plastic particles smaller than five millimeters.

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Profitable roof greening: the district has bunker questions

District politicians criticize the non-transparent planning of the roof construction on the field bunker. In a question, they want to know details from the Senate.

A public garden could be built here – if there is enough money to be made around it Photo: dpa

When it comes to public relations, the project planners of the superstructure on the Feldstrabenbunker are actually professionals. But the deputies of the district assembly Mitte of SPD and Greens feel badly informed and have resorted to a rather unusual means: In a district inquiry, they want to know concrete details about the planned roof construction from the Senate. For example, "How many hotel rooms usable for tourism are planned?", "How is the "district garden" to be financed in the long term?" and "Which rooms are made possible for which district use and on what terms?" In this way, the district deputies are taking a certain distance from the Senate – normally, such questions go through members of the Burgerschaft and tend to be asked by members of the opposition.

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Shooting of refugee rescuers off libya: “coalition of shame”.

Private refugee rescuers are to be blocked. SPD, Greens and Left Party criticize the Chancellor’s silence in the face of this attempt.

This child was rescued off Libya on August 1. Now there are no rescuers left Photo: dpa

Top politicians from the SPD, Greens and Left Party sharply criticize the European Union’s policy in the debate over refugee rescue off the Libyan coast – and condemn attacks on refugee aid workers’ ships. The fact that the Libyan coast guard is firing on ships of aid workers is "unspeakable and unacceptable," SPD Federal Vice President Ralf Stegner told the taz newspaper on Wednesday. "It is right that the EU supports Libya in building state structures – but it must not tolerate such unlawful attacks." Merkel is silent on the issue because the result – fewer refugees – suits her just fine, Stegner said.

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