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Uyghurs in china: from camp to forced labor

Tens of thousands of Uyghurs in China are placed with suppliers of Western companies. A study shows that they are probably not working there voluntarily.

Collectibles from forced labor? Nike Air Jordan in a shop window Photo: John Angelillo/imago

The list of charges seems endless: The US tech giant Apple is among them, the South Korean competitor Samsung as well as China’s leading smartphone producer Huawei. German companies are also on the list of 83 global brands, including Volkswagen, Siemens and Adidas. They are all said to be profiting from the economic exploitation of the Uighur Muslim minority. That is what a study by the Australian think tank Australian Strategic Policy Institute (Aspi) suggests.

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Succession to the japanese throne: when the imperial family shrinks

Emperor Akihito is once again trying to trigger a debate about a female succession to the throne. Prime Minister Abe’s right-wing government wants no part of it.

Princess Mako’s engagement triggers new push by Emperor Akihito for female succession to the throne. Photo: Reuters

The announcement of the engagement of Princess Mako, one of Emperor Akihito’s four grandchildren, brings the issue of female succession to the Japanese throne back into the spotlight. This is probably also intended by the imperial family.

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Youtube film festival “we are one”: what replaces the big screen?

A good 20 international film festivals, including Cannes, Venice and the Berlinale, are launching a streaming festival on Youtube at the end of May. Will that help?

Likely to remain deserted this year: the Festival Palace in Cannes Photo: dpa

The Berlinale has been lucky. On the last day of the film festival, March 1, the first coronavirus infection was confirmed in Berlin. Two weeks later, cinemas in Germany had to close for safety reasons. Until further notice.

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Surveillance of amri and rigaer 94: police in their sights

An investigation file proves that the same special forces were responsible for the surveillance of Anis Amri and Rigaer Strabe.

Police officers look in the direction of Rigaer Strabe Photo: imago/Christian Mang

A good dozen young people, according to the outward appearance from the left scene, sit on a lawn under a tree, all around are standing and lying bicycles. The scene is captured on a whole series of pictures. Other photos also show individuals in close-up, such as a young man with a three-day beard. He is not looking directly at the camera, which must be positioned at some distance.

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Test track with e-trucks: brummi becomes summi

In Germany, the first trucks with overhead lines are driving along the autobahn. Still on a test basis, but pretty smoothly.

On the left, the e-truck on the A5 in Hesse, without the hum and exhaust fumes Photo: Ulrich Baumgarten/picture alliance

In Hesse, Germany’s first two hybrid trucks that can draw electricity from an overhead line above the highway are on the road. "Emission-free on the spot" is how the federal government, state and project partners are advertising the eHighway project. Test routes in Schleswig-Holstein and Baden-Wurttemberg are under construction. On the A5, the e-trucks are already in everyday use between Langen and Weiterstadt. The taz was on board.

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Dispute between the federal government and the hohenzollerns: negotiations cancelled

In the dispute over real estate and cultural assets with the Hohenzollerns, there will be no further negotiations with the federal government.

Rheinsberg Castle, Brandenburg: the Hohenzollerns are demanding compensation for several properties Photo: Jurgen Ritterimago

The German government currently sees no level for new negotiations with the descendants of the last German monarchy in the dispute over possible restitution and compensation to the Hohenzollerns. From the point of view of Minister of State for Culture Monika Grutters, further negotiations only make sense if Brandenburg and Berlin support their continuation.

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Sex slavery in wartime japan: reappraisal to be accelerated

Thousands of women from South Korea were forced to prostitute themselves. The dispute over the past is straining relations between the two countries.

Lee Ok-sun, a former forced prostitute in Japan, holds a picture of herself from 1947. Photo: reuters

When the German president visited South Korea a few weeks ago, hundreds of black-red-gold flags lined the center of Seoul. On this Monday morning, however, the neon yellow of the police vests dominates. Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is in town – and the South Korean hosts do not want to aggravate the already tense relationship by escalating protests.

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Verdict on “dashcams” in the car: car camera violates data protection

A car driver plays deputy sheriff and constantly reports traffic violations. According to the court, he is now no longer allowed to use a dashcam in the process.

Filming from the car driver’s perspective: dashcam. Picture: dpa

Anyone who installs a camera in his vehicle for evidentiary purposes and films traffic events is violating data protection. This was declared by the Ansbach Administrative Court on Tuesday in a precedent-setting case. For formal reasons, however, the motorist won the case.

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Dispute over “test case” designation: afd sues federal office for the protection of the constitution

The party wants to prohibit the agency from calling it a "test case" in public. The Office for the Protection of the Constitution does not comment on the action.

In mid-January, President of the Office for the Protection of the Constitution Thomas Haldenwang had declared the party a "test case" Photo: dpa

What the AfD announced immediately after the decision of the Office for the Protection of the Constitution, it has now put into action. It has sued the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution. "It is about the omission of the statement that the AfD is a test case," a spokeswoman for the Administrative Court of Cologne told the news agency dpa on Wednesday evening. A corresponding emergency application was received on Monday. When it will be decided, no information can be given yet.

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Trial for attack on “charlie hebdo”: the impossible atonement

The verdicts in the trial on the 2015 Islamist attack series in Paris are due to be handed down on Wednesday. But the high expectations remain unfulfilled.

Drawing from the court on Dec. 14, 2020 Photo: Benoit Peyrucq/afp

The end of a historic trial is coming: this Wednesday, the verdicts will be announced after long and repeatedly interrupted hearings on the terrorist attacks against Charlie Hebdo and the Paris store Hyper Cacher in January 2015. A total of 14 people were charged with aiding and abetting in the preparation of the attacks by brothers Said and Cherif Kouachi against the satirical newspaper and the murderous hostage-taking by Amedy Coulibaly at the grocery store.

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