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Wirecard creditors’ meeting: defrauded in the beer cellar

At the creditors’ meeting of the bankrupt company Wirecard, it becomes clear that there is hardly any money to be distributed. At least a large part of the jobs are to remain.

Investigation committee on the Wirecard scandal Photo: Christian Ditsch

Daniela Bergdolt stands in front of Munich’s Lowenbraukeller and says: "I couldn’t imagine that such a chaos and fraud system was behind it." The shareholder advocate regularly speaks at annual general meetings of DAX companies. Recently, she has been representing thousands of Wirecard victims. Bergdolt is managing director of the Deutsche Schutzvereinigung fur Wertpapierbesitz in Bavaria. This Wednesday, she is attending the creditors’ meeting of the former new-economy star Wirecard from Aschheim near Munich on behalf of her clientele – private, but not necessarily small, stock investors.

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Before the state election in brandenburg: the left party insists on sea rescue

If the Left Party makes it into the state government of Brandenburg, it wants to finance a ship for sea rescue, including crew, in the Mediterranean.

Kathrin Dannenberg and Sebastian Walter, top candidates for Die Linke in Brandenburg Photo: dpa

In Brandenburg, the Left Party is demanding that the state become active in sea rescue in the Mediterranean and buy a ship for this purpose. Kathrin Dannenberg and Sebastian Walter, the Left’s top candidates for Brandenburg’s state elections in September, told the taz on Wednesday.

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Dealing with animals: retired cattle

Jan Gerdes and Karin Muck have converted their farm into a retirement home for animals. 34 cows spend their last years at Hof Butenland.

Safe from the butcher: cow at Hof Butenland. Photo: gabriela keller

They are already old, otherwise they would not be here now. They have done their work, and when their strength waned, they were to leave, Klara, Kathe and all the others. There was no more life for them out there. But this place is different. Here they can stay.

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Trial for attack on “charlie hebdo”: the impossible atonement

The verdicts in the trial on the 2015 Islamist attack series in Paris are due to be handed down on Wednesday. But the high expectations remain unfulfilled.

Drawing from the court on Dec. 14, 2020 Photo: Benoit Peyrucq/afp

The end of a historic trial is coming: this Wednesday, the verdicts will be announced after long and repeatedly interrupted hearings on the terrorist attacks against Charlie Hebdo and the Paris store Hyper Cacher in January 2015. A total of 14 people were charged with aiding and abetting in the preparation of the attacks by brothers Said and Cherif Kouachi against the satirical newspaper and the murderous hostage-taking by Amedy Coulibaly at the grocery store.

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Controversial privatization: gambled away in a rip-off?

Did Deutsche Telekom cheat the Slovenian state? The company allegedly colluded to get its hands on Telekom Slovenija.

No, Deutsche Telekom is not getting into the umbrella business, it just likes to hang umbrellas from ceilings, here at Cebit. Picture: dpa

When two stop fighting, both are happy: That seems to be the idea of Deutsche Telekom and the British private equity firm Cinven. The two are accused of having colluded illegally in the takeover of Slovenian Telekom in order to get the cheapest possible deal.

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Dispute over the garrison church in potsdam: a case of steeple politics

A foundation wants to rebuild the church – against which there was a citizens’ petition. Now that the foundation is hoping to receive several million euros, the dispute is heating up again.

This is where it once stood, and this is where it is to be rebuilt: the former site of the Garrison Church in Potsdam. Photo: dpa

Very close to the sky. From the city’s highest vantage point, the view could sweep from one baroque pearl to another over the rebuilt city palace, neat townhouses and Sanssouci Park. 57 meters high and barrier-free to reach – for a small fee. This is how it is described in a brochure with which the project’s proponents are soliciting approval.

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Taz series (1): india’s embattled modernity: the factory owner

Entrepreneur Tariq Husain produces newspapers in India for the U.S., Europe and Japan – almost in real time and at half the price.

About 400 graphic designers, copywriters and layouters work around the clock at KSC Photo: Florian Lang

In Gurgaon, skyscrapers made of glass stand, their gleam pushing through the eternal haze with difficulty. The many Audis in the streets are white, the cell phone network fast, the metro stations clean. The high-tech city on the outskirts of Delhi is one of the most modern places in India. Here, programmer Tariq Husain wants to save what progress is threatening to wipe out: the printed newspaper.

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Media art exhibition in kassel: a flicker in cyber reality

The colonization of everyday life by the Internet: Aram Bartholl explores how data influences our perception of the world.

The artist at work: Aram Bartholl drills a hole in the Fridericanum, in the background his Google Maps marker. Image: / Aram Bartholl

On the lawn in front of the Fridericianum in Kassel stands a huge marker. Most people will recognize it, even though it doesn’t even have a name: Such markers are stuck in the maps of Google, the information monolith with the colorful logo, and show us: Here is the street, the pizzeria, the bar we are looking for.

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Hospital groups buy doctors’ practices: buying frenzy in the healthcare sector

More and more profit-oriented groups are buying their way into outpatient healthcare. The Hamburg Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians now wants to take countermeasures.

What will become of medical practices when the doctor retires? Perhaps the care center of a hospital group, fears the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians Photo: dpa

Is outpatient medical care in Hamburg threatening to fall into the hands of large companies and hospital groups? That’s what the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians fears, and that’s why it wants to buy up doctors’ practices itself in the future.

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