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Wilderness in the muritz national park: the moor is also returning

A landscape shaped by humans is now to become wild again. Visitors roam the national park on many different paths.

The Muritz National Park is Germany’s largest national park Photo: dpa

An opera sounds in many voices on the lakeshore, a trilling, chattering, whistling work, although none of the artists can be seen. From the left, nimble chirping of several songbirds resounds from the birch forest. On the other side of the footbridge, a drumming on tree bark echoes the singing, steady and almost well-behaved, like an organic part of the forest; a black woodpecker furnishing its living room. Then from the lake, as if on cue, the startled call of two cranes begins. It’s still early in Mecklenburg’s Muritz National Park, cool and peaceful. Drizzle is in the air.

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Search for nuclear waste repository: does corona require a moratorium?

Environmentalists are pushing for a postponement of the roadmap to ensure citizen participation. The authorities are against it.

A central repository for nuclear waste is planned on the site of the former nuclear power plant In Wurgassen Photo: Imago

Is the timetable for the search for a nuclear waste repository wavering because of the Corona crisis? Environmental organizations and the Left Party are calling for a moratorium. Due to the pandemic, important legal agreements for the search process, such as the Geological Data Act, could not have been passed, explains the Bund fur Umwelt und Naturschutz Deutschland (BUND). Also a broad public participation is not possible at present by the contact barrier.

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