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Due to corona crisis: ecb launches emergency purchase program

The European Central Bank wants to cushion the economic consequences of the Corona epidemic. Bonds are to be purchased for 750 billion euros.

This is where the money comes from: the headquarters of the European Central Bank in Frankfurt’s East Photo: dpa

In the fight against the economic consequences of the corona virus pandemic, the European Central Bank has announced an emergency bond-buying program worth 750 billion euros. This is to involve securities issued by the public sector and the private sector, as the ECB announced surprisingly on Thursday night. "Extraordinary times call for extraordinary action," ECB chief Christine Lagarde wrote on Twitter. "We are determined, within our mandate, to use the full potential of our tools," she stressed.

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World cup podcast “russian bread”: cheer yes – but please not like that!

Two DFB members overshoot the mark in Germany’s victory, Fifa investigates after the Swiss make a critical gesture. Episode 11 of our podcast.

"Russian Bread" – the World Cup podcast by taz and Illustration: Nadine Fischer

What a game: Germany wins against Sweden and thus has prevented the preliminary round exit for the time being. The reigning world champions are having a hard time with their group opponents this year. Accordingly, it is Sweden’s Ola Toivonen who scores the first goal. And despite 70 percent possession, the German national team just can’t get the thing in.

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Breeding facilities for small animals: obi bows to animal rights activists

Peta has published shocking footage of small animal breeding for middlemen. Now Obi reacts with a sales stop.

We are not all, the prisoners are missing! Photo: dpa

Overcrowded cages, moldy food, sick and dead animals in between: cruel images of mass breeding facilities show the approximately one and a half minute long video of the animal rights organization Peta. According to the animal rights activists, the footage comes from undercover research by the organization and shows alarming conditions at German and Dutch small animal farms.

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Viola priesemann on corona mutations: a warning despite better numbers

Before the corona summit, calls for looser rules are getting louder. Physicist Viola Priesemann urges patience.

A little longer: Infection figures must continue to come down, says Viola Priesemann Photo: Hauke-Christian Dittrich/dpa

50 reported infections with the coronavirus per 100,000 people within a week – this seven-day incidence had been cited by politicians themselves as a rule of thumb to think about easing. Germany is now approaching this figure: while it was just under 200 before Christmas, it was only 73 on Tuesday. When the chancellor and the minister presidents of the federal states meet again on Wednesday at the federal-state summit to decide on further measures, expectations are correspondingly high that schools and stores will be able to reopen quickly after almost two months of closure.

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Wirecard creditors’ meeting: defrauded in the beer cellar

At the creditors’ meeting of the bankrupt company Wirecard, it becomes clear that there is hardly any money to be distributed. At least a large part of the jobs are to remain.

Investigation committee on the Wirecard scandal Photo: Christian Ditsch

Daniela Bergdolt stands in front of Munich’s Lowenbraukeller and says: "I couldn’t imagine that such a chaos and fraud system was behind it." The shareholder advocate regularly speaks at annual general meetings of DAX companies. Recently, she has been representing thousands of Wirecard victims. Bergdolt is managing director of the Deutsche Schutzvereinigung fur Wertpapierbesitz in Bavaria. This Wednesday, she is attending the creditors’ meeting of the former new-economy star Wirecard from Aschheim near Munich on behalf of her clientele – private, but not necessarily small, stock investors.

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Environmental association against wind power investment: bund wants to stop offshore terminal

According to BUND, the construction of the offshore terminal in Bremerhaven threatens a "gigantic bad investment." Critics are presenting their arguments until Wednesday.

There is competition for shipping offshore wind turbines via the planned terminal in Bremerhaven: here, for example, the "Offshore Basis" in Cuxhaven. Picture: dpa

BUND opposes the construction of the offshore terminal in Bremerhaven (OTB) and demands the termination of the planning process. This was stated by the Bremen regional association of the environmental protection organization on the occasion of a three-day discussion meeting in Bremerhaven. Critics of the new port construction still have until Wednesday to present their arguments in person.

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Before the state election in brandenburg: the left party insists on sea rescue

If the Left Party makes it into the state government of Brandenburg, it wants to finance a ship for sea rescue, including crew, in the Mediterranean.

Kathrin Dannenberg and Sebastian Walter, top candidates for Die Linke in Brandenburg Photo: dpa

In Brandenburg, the Left Party is demanding that the state become active in sea rescue in the Mediterranean and buy a ship for this purpose. Kathrin Dannenberg and Sebastian Walter, the Left’s top candidates for Brandenburg’s state elections in September, told the taz on Wednesday.

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Constitutional court on holiday protection: a heck of a lot of fun

Dancing as a political protest must be possible. It must not be forbidden in principle on Good Friday, ruled the Federal Constitutional Court.

Christians must live with being confronted with other world views on Good Friday Photo: dpa

Bavaria must relax the strict protection of Good Friday somewhat. Politically and ideologically motivated dance and entertainment events must also be possible on Good Friday, the Federal Constitutional Court has now ruled.

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Dealing with animals: retired cattle

Jan Gerdes and Karin Muck have converted their farm into a retirement home for animals. 34 cows spend their last years at Hof Butenland.

Safe from the butcher: cow at Hof Butenland. Photo: gabriela keller

They are already old, otherwise they would not be here now. They have done their work, and when their strength waned, they were to leave, Klara, Kathe and all the others. There was no more life for them out there. But this place is different. Here they can stay.

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Forest fires in brazil: what to do!

The EU is struggling to find the right way to deal with Brazil. Should it put pressure on the country’s economy? A pro and con.

Not much is left of the rainforest on the side of a highway in Nova Santa Helena, Mato Grosso Photo: ap

Boycott Bolsonaro

The free trade agreement between the EU and the South American economic alliance Mercosur should be stopped immediately. It is fatal that the German government is pushing for the pact to be put into effect. It is a gigantic gift for Brazilian President Bolsonaro. That’s because his supporters, his country’s agro-industrialists, would benefit enormously from the tariff concessions and supply even more climate-damaging soybeans and steaks to the EU.

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